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Advantages of an attractive packing

Advantages of an attractive packing

The advantages are directly something beneficial, a packing is that presentation that our product will have before our future client. In the principles of accounting, a customer is one who owes us credit, perfect reference for a healthy relationship in which we want those who are our customers to stay for a long time and prefer us for some special feature in our product or in our brand. Our goal should be to retain the client, but not through money or credit, outside of financial principles, we want to keep our consumer in love with our brand, our, our company.

As in those romantic movies, love at first sight exists and more in the market. How many times have we not stopped for a bright bag? Or a good cover design? A luxurious car with sporty design? A piece of jewelry in a box perfectly folded, shiny and showing spectacular typography?

Good packing improves results by promotion and / or seasonality. It is those times where more candles and spheres, toys and trees are sold … Christmas, exactly! What did you know before you read it? Because it is a market strategy, use a packing with themes that fit the festivities, holidays, premieres of attractions, a new source of entertainment or even special editions per season. This does not mean more free product, it is a way of encouraging or promoting the sale of our product.

Profitability and cost reduction.

An interesting point for those who are starting to form your company and to publicize a brand or product. A good packing design could reduce transport and production costs. In addition to the good social and environmental image that we generate when using ecological and biodegradable packing.

Improves the identification and differentiation of our product or brand. That without a doubt, how many times have we confused the logos of brands such as MacDonald’s, Pepsi or HP? They have a special place in the minds of those who consume them and even those who do not consume them.

Increase the value that the consumer perceives of the product. As we have been talking at the beginning, the main thing is to improve the image of the product, but also raise the expectations of our brand and product through packing, when we see a packaging of a formidable quality, bright, elegant or simply customizable, that adds a value to our product, the customer is satisfied with a quality product inside and out and we are satisfied with the loyalty of our consumers.

The fidelity and main preference. An advantage that does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the giants in the market, because the constant purchase of products is only achieved with the loyalty of our customers, those who, among the ten options similar to our product, continue to choose us as company and differentiated brand.

The advantages suppose the satisfaction of our client, for which we will have to make a few market analyzes with respect to what we are selling, to whom we sell it and what will be our hallmark.

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