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Advantages of Marketing in Social Networks for you Company

Advantages of Marketing in Social Networks for you Company

Social networks are excellent means to publicize companies. Currently, more and more people use social media and that is why having an active presence in them helps improve the visibility of companies.

We will describe right away the advantages you have, when creating online advertising.

  • It’s free or very economical. In addition to promoting yourself with profiles, pages and content you can also make announcements in the main social networks, something that is cheaper than other styles of advertising and can even be free.
  • It has a great reach, the message can be seen by millions of people in a very short time, each time for more. These platforms have millions of active users with different interests, tastes and characteristics.
  • There is a great possibility of active segmentation, which allows reaching exactly who is needed. Social networks have user information that allows campaigns to reach the advertiser everywhere, including geographical area, age, gender and other characteristics.
  • A greater consumer experience, since it creates a more social and dynamic relationship that helps create and increase the sympathy towards the brand.

  • Greater visibility and presence of the company. It is achieved that the company or brand can be seen even for those who did not know it, increasing its presence to many more people.
  • You can create online campaigns aimed at the interests of potential customers, because you can make different campaigns that can be used by segmenting the users you want to reach, thus creating more effective campaigns.
  • Improve the conversion rate. The social networks make it easier for the brand to show its more human side, an emotional component that is hardly transmitted with such closeness in the rest of the channels. This proximity allows obtaining a different type of response from the client, in terms of engagement and loyalty, which translates into customer retention.
  • It can increase the client range. Well because interested people did not know the company, because it increases the list of followers or subscribers, they get data to reach users, people who did not know the company but may be interested, etc. Reaching more people can be to increase the client portfolio and even increase sales.
  • Greater feedback and efficient complaint management is created. Users talk about companies, brands, products and services, good or bad, this helps companies to improve and to be able to respond to these comments.
  • Obtain useful data to better know the target audience. The very open and public nature of social networks allows you to track and monitor the activity you have, to extract information of high value on trends, behaviors, and preferences of users or feeling towards the brand. All this allows to have a complete study of the current environment that surrounds the brand to start working on the strategy on the real plane.
  • Improve search engine rankings, one of the SEO factors that most influence are the social mentions, these interactions are translated into recommendations towards the brand. Details that search engines have more and more in mind, because they consider it synonymous with useful content and product quality. That is why the company must promote social interactions to create opportunities that feed the desire to share and comment.



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