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Advertising on your website is advisable

Advertising on your website is advisable

There are many websites on the Internet, we could say that there are at least 100 web pages for each topic of interest that exists. From fan pages, product pages, multimedia and audiovisual content pages, entertainment pages, research pages, etc. All the pages that we can name exist thanks to a hosting, a space on the internet and advertising?

We think that at some point we decided to make an entertainment page with authentic, original audiovisual content and that a large number of people like this content, this including that the page has an interface, download and fast data upload, at that moment the page has a value that few people know, only true businessmen see the opportunity without being indicated with a finger.

What is the opportunity?

If we open a store of products for the home and our treatment to the client, our products and services are of an appreciable quality, we will receive good reviews and valuable publicity known as “by word of mouth”, are those positive reviews so valuable that a friend says to another of confidence and the confidence of the intermediary works as a catalyst towards our business, we are now trusted, we are creditors to the loyalty of different groups of people. The opportunity lies in the business we can do with these good reviews and these visits to our business, in this case our website receives a considerably high number of visitors, the visits give us a security that any content on our website will be seen for those visitors.

To a guest, you offer him a glass of water

In this case, water is our online content and our guest is the person who visits our website. These visits are not just numbers, they are people with needs, sometimes they enter a web page by mistake and find there some advertising that offers satisfaction and meets their needs. Our website can generate too much money thanks to the number of visits, are those visits that observe the advertising that we want to add on our website to generate a monetary income for the simple fact of continuing to make content for the page.

Is it a win-win?

To earn money for advertising you must cover a minimum number of visits and that will attract other companies interested in publishing their content on your website, something similar to what happens with the “influencers”, in this case people with a certain degree of popularity and due impact on the Internet society, can attract more people or even as we said before: do word of mouth. The influencer generates trust, so can our website and our content, we can make the advertising is of quality and that is consistent with our online content, an example of the mistakes that often make is to join certain issues with others, as the case of the websites with the theme of technology and gadgets, what would happen if we add vegetarian food advertising to this page? This is not entirely outlandish, health is an issue that concerns everyone at all times and everywhere, we can match advertising to be consistent with the content we upload to our website. Advertising will give us the guarantee of making money while continuing to make quality content and simply continue doing what made us popular with Internet users from the start.


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