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Backup and personal Data. How do Differentiate them?

Backup and personal Data. How do Differentiate them?

Imagine waking up and discovering that your site has been hacked! It must be the worst way to start the day. But imagine how you would feel if you didn’t have a backup. The thing does nothing but get worse. Remember that anytime you can lose the data by a hardware failure, or by a simple human error (these things happen).

The reality is, you will never take too many precautions when it comes to backing up your data. And remember, you are responsible. Do not assume it’s your hosting company or your web designer’s job. Your data is your property and therefore your responsibility. Although the hosting services include assistance, proving solving and they can help you to create backups and databases, it is important that you are the one who is pending that they are done correctly, and that the saved info is the necessary and pertinent information for the correct functioning of your Web page.


Although there are Manual methods for backing up your data, The danger is to forget or lose the habit of doing it regularly and end up with a backup of two or three months ago, which is not good for much.

The best solution is An automatic backup service That can be forgotten once configured. This will allow you to rest knowing that your data is stored, protected and updated.

However, some considerations need to be taken into account, on sensitive data that should not be saved, even when backing up. For example, never keep your customer’s credit card data. The problem with Web servers that make backups Automatic, is that if we are not aware of their operation, they can keep confidential data of our clients, such as personal or tax data. It’s important twe take the necessary actions so that the forms of payment that we offer on our website are completely safe and do not store the data of our clients.

Some e-commerce platforms allow you to accept your customer’s card data and store it. This is something you should never do. Ideally, you can use the services of a payment gateway provider and make payments out of your site. If you are starting your activity and your budget is tight, services such as PayPal will allow you to start trading. In addition, some customers prefer to use PayPal, so it is good to offer them this option.

These vendors have the highest levels of security to manage this kind of sensitive data.

Attempts to use stolen card data may involve stealing a card in one part of the world to send it electronically to the other end of the planet and use it in fraudulent activities over the Internet. It is also a bad practice, which could entail hefty fines in case of intrusion into their systems.

It is certainly also a good practice to try to get accreditation of the data Security standard for the payment card industry(PCI DSS).


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