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Because we do not recommend a free hosting

Because we do not recommend a free hosting

When we need to make a web page, an online site in which to upload multimedia content and have a presence in the ecommerce or simply be part of the online entertainment providers, we have the need to hire a hosting.

A “hosting” is the place on the Internet that your content will occupy online, everything you want to share, upload and make public on the Internet will be about a hosting, the hosting may seem like an expense, when in the medium term it is a cost that generates a non negligible utility.

The Internet is exponential!

What happens if when we upload content to our page, something like images, photos, videos, etc., it goes viral? It can happen for different reasons, but the probability that something is known by hundreds of people (at least) on the Internet is very high. In particular we are interested in people knowing our content for the right reasons, that the recipients of the message we are transmitting understand the message in the desired way, for this the hosting should offer us a secure and stable platform to plant our seed.

A hosting should offer us a series of resources to consider it as a reliable service provider since hosting is a service and one very difficult to keep up to date, the constant threats to web pages are usually the “troll”, those people bent on making the experience on the internet somewhat unpleasant, it is common that they are knocking down web pages or changing some things from them to make them funny but wrong for the type of content we want to disclose. A hosting at the forefront protects our data with a backup and also offers us media management with better and easier interface, usually those hostings with support for wordpress.

Is free better?

It is true that the idea of ​​saving money for a hosting is attractive, but far from bringing advantages brings bad experiences, including the following:

  • Lack of support. Those mistakes and bad times with the “Troll”, can be overcome with a good technical support, however, security and support are compromised, what would happen if the time with more data traffic on your website is unexpectedly Disconnects or freezes for minutes? That for each user is different and could mean not only a bad time, but a bad experience that would lead to not recommending the website
  • Advertising. Being a free service, we are at the mercy of any type of advertising that our host requires to reproduce in all its web pages that it supports. How do we deal with advertising about hamburgers from a larger company when we sell hamburgers in the retail market? Although the host should keep us aware of the type of advertising that it reproduces, it is a high and annoying cost for such a short benefit, this brings us back to technical support, usually advertising consumes a lot of data that must be downloaded before we can navigate on the page , in such a way that we end up bothering the visitor who consumes their mobile data or even their waiting time is greater due to the content that they have to download from the page prior to browsing.

A free hosting is perfect when we do not have the money to pay for a service, but it could cost us too many visitors and forever. For this reason we recommend always hire a hosting that fits your needs.

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