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Best social platforms for the digital marketing of your business

Best social platforms for the digital marketing of your business

Digital marketing is one of the best strategies a business can use to boost their sales and get a lot more of advertising without spending a lot of money. More and more people are connecting to social networks every year and that is something the businesses can use as an advantage to get more advertising. However, even for big companies is hard to be on the eye of all the people in the internet, so is important to develop a good marketing strategy in with you can reach the people you need to reach to get more advertising, and the social media is one of the best spots to do so.

What social media platform is the best for my business?

First, you must narrow your choices to a social platform that includes the most people you want to connect with, for this you need to compare demographics, the type of product or service you offer, the different characteristics of the social platforms and the traffic that visits those platforms. The key to success in the social media marketing is to choose the best platform for your business, that makes this step a very important one.

The next step is to define your goals, this is what do you want for your business and how you plan to make it happen. Maybe you want to improve you costumer service, so you can reach to costumers, answer their questions, listening their concerns, complains, etc. Another goal can be to reach new audiences and demographics to advertise your product and increase the brand awareness in new people. Or maybe you want to increase the traffic in your sales and boost your sales, for whatever you need it exists a platform that can suit your business to reach that goal.

Finally, you must examine the content that you make in your site, that can be such as blogs, videos, papers, photografs, comments, etc.  After you do all the exposed before you can choose a platform that suits your needs and works to reach the goal. Some of the main platforms are the following:

  • Facebook: It’s a platform that can be use customized to target a specific audience, building relationship with your costumers and show the human side of the business, which can turn into loyalty on your audience. Facebook is an excellent platform to reach the most people easily.
  • Twitter: One main characteristic of this platform is the immediacy in which you can reach your audience with news, announcements and important messages. The users of twitter are mostly under the age of 50, and the type of content that works on this site are the articles, quotes, images and text-based content.
  • Pinterest: Images are the main feature of this site, and if you are looking to boost your product sales this is the best choice if your audience target is more woman than men. The products that are often shown in this site are fashion, décor, art, food, travel, wedding and party. All the topics that involve photograph are useful in this platform.
  • Instagram: This is another image-based platform for showing your products or services, as Pinterest. But Instagram has a wider audience in some cases, and some tools that can help you to boost your sales and reaching your costumers.
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