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Create a blog or webpage with free web hosting services.

Create a blog or webpage with free web hosting services.

If you are looking for starting your own webpage or blog, you may have notice there are free and paid hosting services, each one with their own characteristics. Hosting services who offer a free web space are the ideal choice for those users who want to take their first steps as bloggers, or just want to share with the world their thoughts or art. These kind of hosting services allow the users to experiment with different content management systems, without charging any fees or monthly charges. Free solutions give a first approximation to how to create and design text entries, as well as the process of uploading videos, images or any other multimedia content. Most of these services are Completely free, although it is common for some extensions (additional templates, advanced design options, etc.) to be paid.

Advantages: Free and simple

In addition to the advantages that represents for your pocket, hosting a blog with a free web hosting provider, compared to one of payment, is especially useful since the creation process It is simple and requires no technical knowledge. You only need to choose between a lot of templates and designs that best suits the theme of the blog and customize some elements. The necessary updates will be done automatically.

Some of its benefits:

  • Free
  • Simple and fast
  • No special security or upgrade requirements

Disadvantages: Limited functions and capabilities

Free services usually have disadvantages compared to payment services. Basically, as a developer you will have certain technical limitations and the customization of your blog is clearly limited. There are various functions as well as designs or Plugins, which may not be used or will be limited. This not only restricts the performance of the Page, it can also generate visual inconveniences.

  • Selection of templates and Plugins Limited
  • Limited storage space
  • Limited number of Web pages
  • Usually no backup

Additionally, free web hosting services Do not offer own domains. With these, the Web page is only accessible through a subdomain of the vendor. When a web page has an exclusively personal use, this does not necessarily imply a disadvantage. However, whoever wants to have a blog for commercial or professional purposes, must have an own domain with which to project confidence and security.

Advertising on free web hosting services

Many free hosting services do not allow the user to advertise on their own blog. On the contrary, they often decide to show ads themselves, this mainly to justify their free service. With this, you lose all authority over the content and frequency of these ads. To counteract unwanted advertising, the user has two options: Switch to a more advanced version, and possibly of payment, or decant from the beginning by the hosting in the Web space. Regardless of the type of hosting, with any free provider will always depend on the policies of each server.


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