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Creating a webpage for my business

Creating a webpage for my business

When you are going to buy your own web page it is important that you know the series of concepts that you must be very clear about, so whoever is responsible for your development knows that you know about it so you can both achieve creating a successful webpage. Thanks to the multiple tools that exist on the internet you can also create your own web page; however, it is best to get web development professionals and graphic design to start your project.

So, what are the main factors that you must take into account if you need a web page for your business, foundation, etc.? We will list the following:

Domain name:

If you want to have your own website, the first thing you should do is buy a domain. A domain is essentially the name of your web page. If your business is called “Joanna’s Store”; then, you must buy a domain with the following name: The first step to register a domain is to look for a reliable and secure domain registrar; such as: JodHost. Once, you are there, check the names of available domains, along with their extensions (.com, .org, .net).

Web hosting:

The web hosting (web storage) is very important, when you have already registered your domain you must hire a hosting service that allows you to store the files and images of your web page. Some web hosting services like JodHost also provide the web domain register service.

Ask a professional for help:

Web pages made with high standards tend to cost a bit more, since they require time to develop them. Happens in the same way with the most experienced designers; You will pay a little bit more, but the results will be as expected or much better.

Graphic design:

Graphic design is one of the most relevant points of your website, hire the services of a graphic designer who has experience and who understands your idea to a large extent, so they can focus their efforts on making the graphic design fulfill your purpose, whether it is selling, attracting customers, capturing contact forms, etc.

Programming and development:

If your site will be self-administrating or requires that it fulfill a specific function, then you will need the services of a programmer, who will be responsible for building the functionalities of the website.A professional developer will give you a guide on the programming language to be used, database, content platform.

 Optimization for search engines:

It is important to optimize your web page, not to appear in the first places of the search engines, (because that takes time); so that they can easily find each of the internal pages and sections of your website.

Presence in social networks:

Although having a presence in social networks is important, we must know which are the appropriate ones for our business (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) Select the ones that will be better to reach the target audience of your business.


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