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Facebook and the new digital marketing rules

Facebook and the new digital marketing rules

Despite sounding like a science fiction movie, technology has overtaken us. Information has become a new asset with which many companies in the world are profiting, from what we buy with our credit card to knowing the sites we visit to consult our simple everyday questions. What do they do with that? How is that useful for large companies or for anyone? The data that anyone enters in a website are protected in the database of the hosting and the website of the same, these data are interconnected with third companies that were linked to a particular social network, same social network in which many we are involved in the day to day and that facilitates different ways to identify ourselves as citizens and individuals, Facebook.

After the majority shareholder and creator of the social network known as Facebook, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, was summoned to the US congress due to the great controversies with Cambridge Analytica and the great leak of personal data of users of this social network, Facebook It was put in the sights of new legislation, like many other websites.

Facebook usually has a category of partners that allows advertisers to complement their segmentation that exists in the social network thanks to the data of intermediaries (users) and thus improve advertising campaigns according to the useful data that has been collected from a user.

Problems with Marketing or bad publicity for Facebook?

For some time there was a joke on the Internet about Facebook, how a conversation in a café with friends turned into information for Facebook without having even touched the cell phone or how the things we were looking for in any search engine turned into suggestions of Facebook search, our location and surrounding places were appearing in the publicity of this social network and this made people to facilitate many daily tasks, but also scared them.

Everything is linked

Hence the importance of digital marketing, everything is connected and everything is part of the same, with that principle we continue with the concern of How much do people know about me? In reality, it is not a person who knows that about you, it is a database where only information and preferences that you have are converted into ones and zeros, but as individuals and individuals, especially as consumers. How much do we know about the Business?

This will be a new challenge for digital marketing companies, with all the terms and conditions that are emerging thanks to the GDPR of the European Union, which is simply explained as the general regulation of data protection. Personal data can no longer be shared on any social network by a web page, require your authorization and the well-known “I accept the terms and conditions.”

For digital marketing this means leaving aside the strategy of knowing the consumer from their simplest searches and thus anticipating their need to purchase, now it will be necessary to carry out new strategies to cover the legal framework. Digital Marketing will continue to exist, but with more regulations on the information and personal data of its consumers.

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