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Functions of a press office

Functions of a press office

A press office is that section of a company that transmits the message that the company wants to publicize.

In the day to day of a company there are endless contingencies, be they anniversaries, special dates, production accidents, personal matters that come to public light, etc. This information is undoubtedly a source of work for the local, regional and even national press. What to do with the press in these cases? The press, the one that when we need a good corporate image can help us maintain it, create it or unseat us as competitors.

The press as an advantageous alliance.

In most of the world, the press is pleased with the need to keep people informed, whether news or criteria that some writers share in the media. In a time when communication is massive, global and perpetual, thanks to the internet and its vast amount of functions.

Perpetual, why?

What we know thanks to the internet is due to how the information is shared in a massive way, in such a way that there will always be a backup of everything that is made news on the internet. Using this, any media can help us keep track of the company, its social responsibility and a series of positive actions that the company can maintain as a corporate image.

The press as a disadvantage for the company.

Commonly this happens with companies that do not maintain a good relationship with the press, those societies that do not have a good press office and that end up being victims of false news or that presume of a bad management of the company and how it works. The bad press can raise false to a company or any public entity and although this is intentional or not, whether true or not, involves irreversible media damage.

What are the functions of a press office? Here we list 6 important functions:

  1. Alert the media. A press office alerts the media of any event that needs to be publicized.
  2. Constant communication with the media. A bilateral information feed between the media and the company.
  3. Press releases. They are all those communications that the company wants to make known to the media by means of short fractions of text.
  4. Press dossier. The document that reinforces and supports the press releases.
  5. Reports of media coverage. They are those graphs and numbers that indicate us the approving percentage of the press releases or disapproval in some cases.
  6. Content on web pages. Being the image of the company on the Internet, is directly faced with many imitations or even delays in some cases, keep it updated and designed in such a way that reflects the company as a whole, that is the work of the press office.

The purpose of the press office is to make known the evolution, contribution and actions of a company which in turn helps the media’s growth with the help of the media.

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