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How to choose the best Control Panel in web hosting?

How to choose the best Control Panel in web hosting?

The Control Panel and the Hosting services refer to the interface offered by the Hosting Company for the maintenance and monitoring of the hosted site.

They are also found in GNU / Linux operating systems; however there are also other platforms used for this, such as Windows Server, BSD, etc.

Some of the functions contained in the control panels can be:

  • Visits statistics
  • Access to the server’s log files
  • Configuration of email accounts
  • Administration of databases
  • Administration of user accounts of FTP servers
  • Details about the bandwidth quota used
  • Administration of files and directories
  • Management of subdomains

Currently, talk about web hosting or web hosting is talking about a control panel. The most of commercial web hosting services offer to their customers the possibility of having a control panel from which perform the basic administration of the service and its main operations.

Once you have hired a web hosting service and you have designed the site in Internet, there are several components or important aspects that you have to know in depth and whose objective is to manage and ensure the proper functioning of a website; one of them is precisely the Control Panel in a web hosting.

This control panel is actually an interface that allows the user to quickly and easily access a wide variety of features, functions and tools that web hosting supports.

Many of these control panels in web hosting use a graphical user interface (GUI) that basically allows access to the management of email, manage databases, visualize the statistics of the web page, as well as visualize the load of the server, among other elements.

There are different control panels but this time we will see the three main control panels that the services of Web hosting usually offer:

  • CPanel
  • Plesk


This control panel is perhaps the most used by web hosting services because it allows the web hosting provider to easily customize the features and programs that are shown.

Additionally, the CPanel control panel has a feature that allows you to customize the appearance of the interface through multiple skins and that are generally liked by web hosting providers.


Plesk control panel is characterized for being one of the most stable web hosting panels on the market. This aspect is basic if you have very important information that requires a stability standard. The main disadvantage of this type of control panel is that it lacks a lot of tools and functions in relation to the other available panels.


Ensim control panel is a panel that is focused for webmasters who do not have much budget, so if a client has hired a web hosting that includes a panel of this type; it is advisable to ensure that the cost is lower compared to what would be spent on a CPanel panel.

An Ensim panel is usually distinguished by fewer faults than the CPanel, however, the latter has a user interface that is easier to use.

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