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How to identify the web hosting needs of your company?

How to identify the web hosting needs of your company?

If you wish to set up a website you will need to get a web hosting provider.

You must carefully analyze the real resources your website needs before selecting your web hosting provider.
A web hosting is a service where a provider rents you a server connected to the Internet.

The most typical use of a web hosting is to create a website (which is nothing more than a set of HTML files that are web pages)  but you can also use your hosting simply to allow the download of any other thing (PDF documents, MP3 audio files, video, etc.).

An email server allows you to have email accounts with your own domain name.

Hosting of past web applications in PHP and databases to create generalist websites, blogs, online stores or discussion forums, to name some of the most important applications.

Access via FTP to store and download files.

Create virtual disks, that is, create storage in the cloud with your own hosting service that you access as if you had it on your computer

Many times the providers make the mistake of overemphasizing the most advanced features of web hosting plans, such as databases and scripts but forget that they should focus primarily on real needs.

It´s important to avoid these types of errors that´s why you need to understand the concept of disk space so you can estimate the real needs is a simpler task.

Space refers to the disk space or the amount of data that can be stored by you on the server’s hard disk. The amount of space required will depend of many things, including the size of the web page you have or wish to create.

So if you are running or you are about to run a website with many images, videos or any kind of animation, you should lean towards a web hosting plan that comes with more space but If your website is more focused on the text and does not contain too many heavy images, consider between 50 and 100 MB for your hosting.It is also important that you have in mind that part of Internet users do not have the best connection so images and large and heavy websites will take a long time to open correctly.

Focus on a web design  that prevents most users from deciding to close your website and address your competitors due to its slow loading. You should try to keep the size of the web pages between 50 and 60 KB (including the images on the web page), this will allow the site to load in 3 or 4 seconds while a web page with a Size of 150 to 170 KB will probably take about 6 to 7 seconds.

If your website has around 20,000 visitors in the month and each of your web pages are 30 KB you will need about 1.8 GB (1800 MB) monthly transfer, only for the loading of the website.

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