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How to improve the effectiveness of marketing messages

How to improve the effectiveness of marketing messages

Although marketing is not something very recent, it represents a challenge for all those who are part of it, even the experts and experts on the subject have their deadlocks and dead ends. Marketing represents a dynamic union between planning, techniques and studies, all to carry out the task of knowing better the environment in which our company moves, we can not navigate without a compass, in this case the clients are the north, the target are earth and our needle must be precise when telling us where to go, the needle of our compass is marketing.

It is true that marketing is also the way we sell, but more than that is the way we know how to sell, learn about our competitors and our goal. Selling involves knowing that in each country and even in each state and region there are different types of people, this diversity allows us to make an average result that pleases everyone.

John Rampton mentions the need to constantly change and every year our way of selling and getting to know our client. Marketing needs to be flexible and also fresh. New!

Curiosity is what guides new ideas for a better marketing message, just being creative, innovative and curious we can do something different from what is already established, do something that competes with avant-garde ideas and demolishes our paradigms as sellers, so says Hiten Shah.

What do we relate as money and what is money for us?

We relate money as a sale that generates profits, an inflow of money that immediately generates satisfaction but that could be the only one. Digital marketing is constantly trying to sell an idea; when we are thirsty and see a cold drink in a commercial on a website, we immediately think that this is the answer to a current problem, a problem or a short-term need, that is how we present ourselves as givers of solutions and opportunities for constant improvement and quality.

The messages must be clear Why are they not?

You have to be careful when making any kind of sticky or corny phrase, sometimes it is sticky but misinterpreted or it can be cheesy but unwanted, nobody repeats those phrases. Only a true seller can get what the audience really wants, a vendor at the forefront is informed of the social, political and economic changes, how this affects your product, your company and what would be the opportunity for the company in those moments

Sell ​​with short phrases

Long sentences make us think of indications, paradigms and limitations, like the legend of “terms and conditions”, you know that something big is coming but would you read it? On the other hand, the colors and a more striking type of approach make that change: “Impressive changes in the terms and conditions, this will surely surprise you!”, Now we focus only on curiosity.

Do not forget that as consumers we respond to the same instincts as children; flashy, colorful things that excite curiosity. Worse, as adults, we need truthful results, that’s how the best marketing messages are between those two limits, being a demanding adult and a curious child.

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