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How to use social networks to attract more customers

How to use social networks to attract more customers

Would you like to manage the correct form of your company’s image? Are you an entrepreneur who has spent almost all their capital and you have few options left to give your product or service? Did you not prioritize your capital for advertising and marketing?

In e-commerce all these are normal problems, since all the pages on the Internet want to charge for advertising, most subsist thanks to that. But for companies that only want advertising, what is left for them to do? To those entrepreneurs who do not have enough money to pay in the newspaper on pages that may or may not fulfill the task of making the company known to the public. What happens with these entrepreneurs?

Social networks have come to an end with the problems of never having enough publicity, although there are a number of risks with respect to the category of news according to the social network that can also benefit from some other platform that is offered as entrepreneurs or sellers

One of the main tools that are available to us in social networks are the “social announcements”, here we have a monetary advantage that is not only cheap but its capacity to return is amazing, such is the case of Facebook that offers us Social ads for a reduced price and a greater reach.

Among the important data and keep in mind is always to have the objective of acquiring subscribers. Subscribing to a channel, a page or a news section in a social network can make a difference, have well-communicated to your customers and your audience is paramount.


Why would we talk about disconnecting if it is precisely what we want to do? It’s about the disposition you have with your customers. Although the Internet has become a phenomenon in mass communication issues, how do clients communicate with you?

The attention is EVERYTHING!

Your customers request information about your company, availability of a product, complaints and suggestions, whatever the reason why they communicate with a company, your customers always present a repudiation of the bureaucracy and how it usually manifests itself against the consumer instead of in your favor. So when something is “offline” we mean a phone number, email, postal address, etc. Any other means that provides the consumer with the security of having their attention and services at their disposal.

Social networks, the tip of the iceberg.

As we have been commenting on, not only is it to publicize our brand and our name, social networks are synonymous with communication. What do we want to communicate? How can we expect them to communicate with us? Are we opening the door to a dialogue and a less formal expression to cause a greater impact on young people? Do they need seriousness and formality because our consumers are mostly adults? Raising a strategy according to the sea our objective is important to direct all the necessary assets towards social networks.

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