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Pros and cons of a shared web hosting

Pros and cons of a shared web hosting

If you have decided to create your own website page but you don’t know how to start, the first thing you have to take in mind is that every website needs a hosting service.

Hosting or web hosting is the service that allows any website to be accessible to everyone 24/7

Types of hosting

On the other hand, there are millions of different websites and not all of them have the same needs.

Some websites require a basic hosting service, others require a more advanced service and others require an infrastructure composed of thousands of computers distributed throughout the world. For this reason there are many different types of hosting services.

What is shared hosting?

Is the most economical, easiest to use and the one probably you will need.

Most hosting providers offer this type of service and, it’s the most economical of their service offerings.

A shared hosting service offers you many tools so you can build your website quickly and without the need to be an expert.

For example, some hosting planes include an application that allows you to install software like WordPress or Joomla, and with it you can create your website in an easy way.

A shared hosting always includes mail service for the domains hosted in it.

Finally, a shared hosting service is a managed service, as a customer you only have to worry about your website.

The hosting provider is the one that has the duty of maintenance of the systems, to make backup copies, answer every question you have, etc.

How does a shared hosting work?

Let’s start with the basics: websites are physically located on several computers, they are not in a cloud.

These computers are located in buildings called Data Centers that have very good connections to the Internet, huge HVAC systems, complex systems to guarantee continuous power supply, advanced firefighting solutions and a lot of physical security.

These computers, which are called servers, are usually very short, so that they usually put about 40 servers inside a closet. These cabinets are called rack and in a data center you can have thousands of them.

Each one of these computers has a series of computer applications installed, which together offer the necessary functionality so that tens or hundreds of shared hosting accounts are located on that server. Therefore, a lot of shared hosting accounts share the resources of the same server, the same Internet connection, etc.

What if you do not want to share resources with other clients?

Then you have to hire a different hosting service. It can be a dedicated server, where you assign an entire server to you only. Or it can be a virtual server where functionally you are assigned a complete server, but it really is not like that.

In any case, if you are starting, the advantages of a shared hosting are many and it is almost certain that it is the most convenient service for you.

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