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Social media mistakes that business always make

Social media mistakes that business always make

The social media is a tool that more and more business is beginning to use to obtain advertisement and all kinds of advantages in the world of marketing. Internet has come to a point in which basically everyone is connected somehow to the network and the businesses knows very well that this can be used in his favor.

Everyone wants to be involved in the social media marketing, because it helps boost the sales and advertising of a business, if it´s done right it could lead a business to grow exponentially but, in some cases, it can be harmful too. There´s common mistakes that everyone tends to make, so it´s important to know about those mistakes to prevent them from happening, and that is the goal of this article, show you the most common mistakes business make so you can learn from them and make prevent the failure of your social media marketing. Let´s begin with the most common mistakes:

Not listening to opinions:

The biggest mistake you can make if you´re new in social media marketing is to NOT listen to other persons opinions. Even if it is a client, a coworker, friends and more importantly, the people who knows what they are doing. The social media is about the communication and keeping a good conversation is one of the best abilities you can develop to approach your clients efficiently, learn more about their needs and what you can do to reach more people.

Limit your social media presence:

A social media presence depends on the quantity of platforms you use to reach the people, generally a business doesn’t need to be presence in all the platforms to succeed in the social media marketing, but is important that it is completely aware of the platforms that have the most clients and audience who they want to reach. When a business limits itself to a single major social media is losing the opportunity to reach more people and getting more benefits in the social media marketing.

Thinking more in sales than in customer satisfaction:

A mistake that many people make in social media marketing is thinking that this will get you instantly a boost in sales, so they begin the marketing trying to sell their product or service in every tweet, photograph, publication and status. But this is the thing you´d like to do when you want to lose all your followers fast. The social media was created to connect people with the things they like and the persons they want to be close with, that is the primary reason someone is connected to a social media and they absolutely don’t want to be bombarded with sales and updates about a product all the time. They want to relate to the people behind the business, to trust them and to know that they are listening to them. Once a business has established all this important thing, the sales will come naturally.

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