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Some things to have in mind before buying an internet domain.

Some things to have in mind before buying an internet domain.

Buying a domain is a serious inversion that should not be taken lightly. If you are starting your own webpage you may be having trouble finding the perfect domain that will be easy to memorize and fully available. Here you will find some tips and tricks to select the perfect domain for your webpage.

Many companies usually register the name of their own company or institution; this is very convenient if your company already has a prestige or brand positioning. It is also what is most advisable for commercial sites, even if you don’t have an online store, you can achieve many things with a webpage for your physical store

If you are starting a business we recommend registering domain names that are the same as the search words used on the Internet by your customers. Remember people use their own logic to search, not based on technical or specific words. For example, if you are starting a business where you sell recycled items, it might be the best option to include the word recycled in your domain address, so people who don’t know the name of your brand can easily find is when making a web search in Google or other search engine.

We recommend that your name (Domain) on the Internet be:

  • A short name.
  • Easy to write and / or remember.
  • Preferably in only one language.
  • Preferably without containing any numbers
  • Preferably without containing any strange characters.
  • Preferably with the extension .com, because is the most known and used

After selecting the domain name (s) you must verify that they are available to reserve them as soon as possible. It is also very advisable to purchase your web domain directly with your hosting web service, so you can have all the support you need in the process of creating and starting your own commercial or personal webpage. In JodHost you can receive personal assistance in your process. You will find an option to check the availability of your chosen domain, so you can also buy it for the 1, 3 of even 5 years. You can always renew your domain to have it more years. Be careful with the expiration date as there are specialized companies to buy web domains that are about to expire. If you neglect and delay in renewing you could lose your domain.

Remember you can buy as many as your economy allows, there is no limit. And it is even possible to register a domain without having a website or blog finished yet. The purchase of your web domain will be effective from the moment you make the payment to the register company. Once the purchase of the web domain is completed, the company will send a confirmation email, after which it will be necessary to wait 24 hours to be able to direct the domain to the server where the hosting is hosted.

As you can see, buying a web domain is an extremely important step that will need to be well thought out, since it will play an important role in your image.  With these suggestions you will for sure increase the chances of success of your project on the Internet.

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