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Starting a blog: niche and hosting

Starting a blog: niche and hosting

Whenever that you start thinking about having your own blog, you must have in mind that the most valuable thing about it are your ideas. For taking care of them and have bigger chances to succeed, choosing the right hosting and niche for your blog is vital.

Choosing hosting for your blog

First of all, when you create your blog, you can choose posting on a free platform instead of paying for hosting, both of them have pros and cons, but the problem about selecting the free one, is that you are not the owner of the domain and the content you post, the people that are hosting it are, so technically, your ideas won’t belong to you.

Instead, if you choose to pay for hosting, your blog and everything you publish on it will actually be yours along with its success.

The domain that you use, usually has an impact on people because it´s the first thing that they know about you and they immediately associate its name with your content, so if you decide to pay for hosting, you will also be the owner of the domain.

It´s also important to choose a platform that gives you the control that you want about everything in your blog, if you are really not worried about being the owner, there are other aspects that you should take in count, like the way you want your blog to look like or how you want to personalize it, and you have to make sure that, whatever you choose, will provide you that.

Choosing the right niche

We all know that having a good niche for a successful blog is extremely important, so if you are thinking about start blogging and you are not sure about what you are going to talk about, here are some advices to help you clear up your mind:

Just write

One of the things you can do is stop thinking and just start writing about any topic you are good at. If you are good at many themes and you don´t know which one is your best choice, you can write about all of them at first and then select the categories you can easily think and write about. This will help you to figure out not only the things that you are better at, but the ones that you are more passionate about.

Write about something that you love

If you try to talk about something only because you think that topic will be popular, but you don´t feel enoughly motivated, you surely won´t have the response that you are expecting because the most important thing is to talk about something that help and inspire people and that can only be achieved if you are feeling inspired too by writing about your passions and what you want to say to the world.

So, the first steps that you should take for start blogging are thinking about your content and what is your best topic option and later, find out what is the best way for taking care of those ideas.


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