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Terms of use on the social media

Terms of use on the social media

When you open a social media account you will have to read several pages of terms of use, this is obligatory in any of the social media on the internet and all of the users have to agree on that before beginning to make use of the platform.  The social media is something hard to miss in the actual world, if you want to create a personal page, a group page, a business page, to promote a product or just for accessing the news and info in the web you will have to open an account in a social media.

But before opening that account is important for you to consider some of the aspects of the terms of use.

It´s hoped that all the users read the terms of use of social media before they open their account, but because of lack of time or other circumstances a lot of people don’t mind these pages of terms of use. However, this step is very important, the terms of use are legal terms that specifies what are the permissions of the social media with their users. For example, the users have to authorize the platform to use the contents uploaded by them, contents like photos, texts, videos or other media. All of the other social media platforms have similar terms of use.

We have to consider that the terms of use in Facebook dictate that the user has intellectual property and ownership of his content, but, since the moment the content is uploaded to the platform, Facebook can make free use of the content whenever they want to and in the most convenient way they find. Without giving the user any kind of remuneration for it.

In the same fashion, other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc., have very similar terms of use. In Twitter, when you open an account of this social media you are expressing consent for them to track your IP direction, type of browser operative system, reference web page, visited pages, location, mobile phone operator, apps ID´s, etc. In Google it’s the same fashion.

Instagram uses the same kind of treat in their terms of use, so that if for any reason Instagram wants to use your photos for any type of end, they can use them freely without paying you any cent of revenue for your content.

It´s important to think twice before accepting the agreement of terms of use in any social media platform, for all the reasons exposed above, and of course, for the protection of your privacy. Nonetheless, it’s nearly impossible to not use any platform of social media nowadays and we have to live with all these concerns. The best thing we can do is to express all of our concerns to the social media leaders, like Mark Zuckerberg, and if you are not willing to accepts all of the terms and conditions of any of the social media pages you should consider not joining on them for now or trying to look out for alternatives in the subject.

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