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The importance of digital marketing in SMEs

The importance of digital marketing in SMEs

With an average of 68 million Internet users and 13.3 million digital buyers, digital marketing is not something that can be ignored or ignored, being a key strategy for e-commerce also becomes part of the competitiveness of a company , Is this convenient being a SME? Maybe it is or maybe it is not, but the importance of this tool of the digital world is undeniable.

Internet, more than a limit when selling.

The sale on a shelf is difficult, the sale in a branch is difficult, usually it is difficult for us to complete the minimum work hours to finish with the average sales that should be done in a branch, from hiring employees to maintaining a location, in addition that an entrepreneur hardly has an initial capital to acquire the infrastructure that the big competitors already possess. Discouraging? SMEs are those small and medium-sized companies that arise as a response of the retail market in the competition to present a differentiated product that adds a large number of consumers. Small and medium-sized companies do not usually cover such a large area, at least not with branches, but the era of branches was terminated.

Arrival of digital Marketing.

Being a strategy that has been used since business exists, it could be confused with an archaic and impractical term for an entrepreneur or for a SME, nothing is further from the truth. Large companies use it Why do SMEs not? It is clear that the reasons are coarse and it is commonly that the digital products are considered an expense and not a cost, we think that the reward and utilities will never arrive or arrive, however, it is a simple thought since the digital products such as “hosting “,” Web design “,” online advertising “are usually of great importance to the current consumer.

A consumer who spends his time in front of you.

When we walk down the street we see an average of ten to eight people checking their cell phone or Smartphone, are you seeing yourself? Are you noticing your brand? Are you finding out about that differentiated product that you offer? Not if you do not allow it. Digital Marketing involves knowing which public to get your content, how to make it arrive and be present in at least an instant of your day, taking these 720 minutes, it would be incredible to have 1 of those minutes so important for the consumer, What do you offer? Food? The consumer sees your advertisement as an option that has to prove, you will see that it is close to where he or she resides and this could make you consider not only try our product but also become faithful to this food business.

We take it for granted that people walk and see us.

As we mentioned earlier, people do not pay much attention to the bright, bright signs or the original logos on the sidewalks of the city or location, they would actually pay more attention to the ads they see on the internet, because popular thinking is:

“This on the internet, it must be new. It’s new, I have to prove it. “

These on the internet is a status, having the infinite possibilities to let you know and control how you will do it and in what way you want to get to impact the market. Being part of digital marketing represents an omnipresence today, who is more present on the internet is who is known by a greater number of not only people, consumers eager to try a differentiated product to anchor their loyalty.


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