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The importance of responsive sites and user-friendly designs on your website.

The importance of responsive sites and user-friendly designs on your website.

There are many web pages that at first glance seem to have everything we look for, but when we want to access the information, we realize that we simply can’t click on the links, the menus are not displayed, and there is no clarity in the order or in the design of the page. What would you do if you found yourself in this situation? For sure you would simply turn back and look for another web page with a better design. Many website owners lose hundreds or thousands of visits daily because of a bad design of their page. No matter how good the content is, it will not reach your visitors if they simply can’t access it.

Some of the design errors that prevent the user from finding the content they are looking for are:

  • The menus do not unfold.
  • The links are not working
  • The links take you to pages that do not exist.
  • The videos do not load correctly.
  • The photos are very low or very high quality.
  • The text is desalinated with the design.
  • There is very poor contrast between the text and background color.
  • It is difficult to return to the home page.

If our website has these errors, you will not only lose visits and loyalty from your customers. Google will also punish you by removing you from the search result’s first pages. Responsive and user-friendly design is one of the SEO factors most considered to evaluate a web page, so you can’t leave these aspects aside if you want your page to be considered one of the best according to the standards from Gooogle and other search engines.

But all these problems can be solved in a simple way. It is only a matter of contracting a hosting service that gives you design, maintenance and SEO guidance quality services for your website. A highly recommended option is the JodHost hosting service, since you will be able to find a team of professionals with all the knowledge needed to make the changes required by your page so that it has a very efficient and user-friendly design.

Some of the aspects JodHost will help you are.

  • Responsive web page design.
  • Broken links repair
  • Beautiful design of your page
  • Special solutions for your website as e-commerce tools, media display, tools for blogs, etc.
  • Tools to improve your and your visitor’s privacy and security.
  • Total maintenance of your web page.
  • Guided assistance via telephone, chat and email.

It does not matter if you already have had a website for a long time or if you are just starting to create your site. Surely in JodHost you will find all the support you need to make your site the best of itself, attracting many visitors and being a leader in its branch. Check the JodHost plans that start from $ 5.95, you will for sure find one that fits perfectly to what you are looking for.

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