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Things you should not do with your company’s digital marketing

Things you should not do with your company’s digital marketing

Marketing is an area that is always on the limit. You can work many hours, perceive the most relevant data to make a reading of a situation, be updated with all the news of the environment, work with a capable and qualified team, you can be the best in what you do; but none of that matters if you commit a slip.

  • The briefing.

The briefing is an initial document where all the relevant information to prepare the campaign are summarized. Name of the client, information about the company, the type of audience to which the message will be addressed, the type of language that will be used, etc.

It must be generated by your client, who, supposedly, is the one who knows their needs and objectives. That is why it is very important that you offer advice, in case you notice doubts regarding this document. Many times, the absence of briefing or a poorly prepared one can be the difference between success and failure.

  • Do not customize or have done a previous research work.

It is another of the failures that are usually committed, sometimes due to ignorance or lack of time. Whatever the reason, the view is that we must dedicate time to customize the sending of emails / tweets and have also done research work to know who we are talking to.

  • Use inappropriate resources.

Another trap in which we often fall, is to think that everything is solved by publishing on social networks or sending e-mails for huge lists. Always remember this: finding the right medium is what increases your sales. Maybe you planned, you innovated, you generated good leads defining your target, but when it came to your offer, the medium was inadequate, and all the work was lost.

That’s why the world of digital marketing is so exciting, because we must be true artists to get our message to the public in a natural way and at the right time.

  • Overproduction of content.

Sometimes our team is small, and we cannot apply all the strategies we have in mind. That is why our power of synthesis is important.

Post compulsively can have the opposite result to the desired one, it is like showing desperation to reach an objective. Nobody likes the desperate, it is an energy that affects both the quantity and the quality of the publications. It wears the equipment, generates anxiety and in most cases gives negative results. That’s why remember the content is our jewel, a unique and valuable piece, do not waste it.

  • No long-term thinking.

Immediate is one of the main enemies of success. Many times, we must have the patience to educate the market. In these cases, perseverance is more important than glare. After all, what we look for with our clients is a lasting relationship.

If we talk about content marketing we talk about positioning, authority and being a reference, among other qualities. All this is conquered over time, with a subtle and constant presence on the horizon of the web navigator. Do not despair, trust your tools, use them with wisdom and the success of your campaign will be a consequence of a job well done.








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