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Tips for your business to succeed in social networks

Tips for your business to succeed in social networks

Consumers have “moved” to social networks and from there interact with the world around them, express their tastes, talk about brands, decide purchases and receive recommendations, among other things. Social networks are here to stay. They are no longer used just like a few years ago to communicate with childhood friends that we thought were lost, or to share photos of our vacations with our followers and contacts. Now they have become one of the best marketing tools to attract more visitors to our web pages, increase customer loyalty, and increase sales of any type of business.

And best of all: advertising on social networks can cost you very little or even nothing!

  1. Be objective: It is important to take the time to define the purpose of the campaigns before starting the guideline. Your brand must define a presence strategy in social networks before starting to act and do a conscientious job of defining objectives.
  2. Understand the synergies between the different platforms: The consumer does not spend all his time in a single social network, nor in all of them behaves in the same way.

Each social space is unique and allows a communication, but many times a campaign benefits from finding the synergies between them and integrating communication so that it is enhanced among the different platforms.

  1. Make consistent efforts: The decision to have a presence in social networks, your brand must be consistent and decide to sustain the presence for a significant period.
  • Include specific hashtags for your audience. In case you do not know, a hashtag is a label used to mention photos or phrases that are published, and so that other people interested in it can find them easily. Hashtags are used by putting a hashtag (#) before the word or phrase we want to write.
  • Publish visual content to promote yourself. There is nothing better to promote yourself than to publish shocking content. And the visual elements are one of the best ways to achieve this when it comes to social networks. Make sure your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ are accompanied by a good photo that impacts, that generates curiosity in your audience, or that is fun. A resource that works very well are the images with motivating or inspiring photos.
  1. Optimize: It is important to review the statistics generated by each social network and evaluate the performance of the announcements day by day. It is important to analyze which actions had the best impact, which are the days and times with the most visits and which photographs and publications are the most commented and from there develop a more efficient action plan supported by numbers.
  2. Not everything is perfect: It is perfect to communicate the benefits of your products and services and those messages that are scheduled and that want to permeate their audiences, but that cannot be the only thing that the brand communicates. The dynamics of social networks also need bidirectionality, brands that listen to their users have to say and respond to queries and claims.








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