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Welcome to the Tutorials sections of JOD Web Development Team

We are happy to know that you received your website and you want to take it to the next level!

As you already know, your store is based on WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, and the main theme is Divi.

We want to show you as simple as possible how you can Manage Your Store and Take all the Control of the Website, create new pages, edit the existing pages, customize the colors, links, fonts, etc.

Please see the tutorials we attached below, and if you have any question of using it you can ask to us sending an email.

  1. Getting Started
  2. How to Manage Your Store
  3. How to Manage Your Blog
  4. Divi Theme
  5. Bloom (Email Optin Plugin)
  6. Monarch (Social Media Plugin)

Getting Started

#1 How to manage your online store with Woocommerce

#2 How to Link PayPal Account to Webstore

#3 How to Create, Edit and Delete Pages Using Divi

#4 Creating a JOD Host Email Address


Complete WordPress eCommerce Tutorial


Complete WordPress Blog Section Tutorial

Divi Theme

A Beginners Guide to Divi 3 for WordPress

Getting Started with the Divi Builder

Creating Mega Menus In Divi

Using Header & Navigation Options

Using The Divi Theme Options

Optimize Divi for Mobile

Bloom (Email Optin Plugin)

#1 How To Setup Bloom Plugin With MailChimp Tutorial

#2 How to Create Beautiful Custom Bloom Inline Email Optins

Monarch (Social Media Plugin)

How To Use The Monarch Plugin For WordPress