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Web Hosting, the first step to establish your global presence

Web Hosting, the first step to establish your global presence

Currently the Internet today is a tool used by millions of people. As a user, the Internet allows you to stay informed and communicated, you can also use it to have fun, meet people, express yourself, do business and for many other things. Having a Web page allows you to actively participate in the network.  Also, by having your personalized email, you have an address that can be directly related to your own identity or company.

If you are an entrepreneur, it allows you to inform your company or business to a large number of potential clients, at a very low cost. Whatever the size or turn of your business, presence on the Internet is a tool that allows you to have a global potential market and is available 24 hrs. of the day 365 days a year.

You can create your own web page and for this it is essential that you obtain a web hosting service.

Some simple steps you can use:

Register your name on the Internet.

The first step to have an Internet presence is to register a domain name. A domain name is the name used on your website or in your email addresses to identify you on the Internet.

The domain name that you should use will be the one of your own company or something that your company is related to and this must be very simple to remember.

The website.

On the Internet, information is presented through Web pages, which are actually files that are formed with a programming code. However, to have your Web page it is no longer necessary for you to know how to program, since there are many simple options to build it. Before knowing the different options, it is necessary that you identify what your needs are, for which we suggest you make a small list of the amount of information that you would like to include, how often you would need to update the information and if it is necessary to have on your page more than just information and images.

Once you have your website developed, it is necessary for you to have a space to store the pages that form it or in other words to have a web hosting.

Promotion of your Web Page.

Once you have your website published with the relevant information for your customers and for the general public you can follow one of the following recommendations to make it easier for people to locate your web page.

Register your site in Internet Search Engines and Directories.

Most of the people on the Internet use search engines to locate the information they require. Therefore, it is recommended that you include your site in search engines.

  1. b) Place the address of your page and your personalized mail in your personal cards and in the signature of your mail messages.
  2. c) Invite all of your clients and your friends to visit your website.
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