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What are the influencers events

What are the influencers events

An influencer is a person who has extensive knowledge of a specific subject. In this way, it becomes an excellent prescriber for stamps, brands and emerging or already popular companies. The influencer has the task of popularizing an event or a product that as a company is reflected in advertising and new loyalty centers in the global market.

How do we select an influencer to be the prescriber of our brand or product in launch? Surely as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs we like to have a meticulous control over who represents our assets and how our mission and vision shows the world.

Influencer events are as much between themselves as those presentations in which an influencer or more attract a specific audience and share in a charismatic and empathetic way the desired message in the conference.

Currently they have become the voice and vote of many issues around the world, in social media they become entities whose criteria are rarely contradicted if the influencer becomes popular enough. The opinion that one of them about anything becomes important in a matter of hours and being a scandalous opinion it becomes viral.

This is how word of mouth advertising moves to social media, where the few people with popularity and impact opinions are the ones who decide what takes off and what does not.

There are three fundamental aspects to select an influencer: Their ability to mobilize opinions How many “likes” do you generate in one hour? How quickly does it change people’s opinions or add them to their cause? The audience potential that you have, how many followers do you have? Do you have fidelity? The level of participation about a topic Do you know about video games or about politics? Can it be versatile or does it already mark a style for which it is followed by many?

Perhaps it seems strange that “fidelity” is mentioned in such a modern and, possibly for many, frivolous aspect of social media, but popularity is a status as is the category of small medium and large companies. Popularity gives privileges and moves entire populations, popularity is also a consequence of selling a product, those who consume this product are no longer known as customers, but as “followers” interested in each personal and human aspect of the individual, each failure and each sense of belonging that they can find in what they do.

Among the influencers themselves there are categories with respect to how popular they are, this has already been mentioned before. And is that it is not the same to hire a technology influencer for the launch of a new Smartphone, to hire a fashion influencer for this same task, however, to be more popular fashion influencer perhaps for a greater impact on the audience is feasible to hire him instead of the influencer in technology, just because one is more popular than the other.

Depending on which standards we handle for our new launch or event, we consider an appropriate influencer for that occasion.

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