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What is a communication agency?

What is a communication agency?

For a communication agency, the first mission that must be established is: to give value to a product and to the consumer.

The communication agency is in charge of the consultancy regarding the image that a company wants to give. Possibly as a company you want to reach new consumers in order to be at the forefront and generate loyalty in new sectors of the local or global market. How do we know that in another country our product can be sold?

To sell your brand or product you must first make a competitive analysis and customers, once you have guaranteed that your product is liked by the tastes and customs of that particular area then it is placed in that area, but …

What about the communication?

Usually we decide that business goes first and then goes the social field, this is not quite correct, whenever we want to CONVINCE any person we must do it with respect and another set of moral values.

The art of convincing also involves knowing around us, maybe where we are selling people often buy and spit food when it is good, would it be something offensive to us as sellers of a food service? Probably, but communication is everything.

Communication allows us to convince our workers and our customers that not only is there a way to see the monetary transaction for a service or product, we solve this as an EXPERIENCE that we hope will be good, profitable and that of course attract more customers .

The events and their impact on our image

Is it easy to discern between a well-planned event and another that only aims to attract attention? Starting with our presence as a brand and product in a simple convention until we take it to a convention where we compete with the largest and most representative brands in our sector. The competition is also carried in the image, the communication agencies are tasked with knowing the product, knowing its creation process, its transport process, packaging, its presentation, its presence in the locality and how it influences other brands or markets .

Communication, is it an economic resource?

It really is, who knows you? How do you know? What identifies you? To be known is to exist in the mind of a group of people and to be present as a competitive brand. The communication agency has the responsibility to give quantitative and qualitative results in order to plan more clearly the movements that the company does or will do.

Although one of the biggest functions of the communication agency is consulting, they do not fail to show great relevance in terms of competitive advantages and penetration in the global market.

The aspirations become global when talking about a communication agency, the plan is to turn the company into a recognized and avant-garde label, capable of competing with the giants of the industry. COMMUNICATING, CONSULTING and ORGANIZING are some of the most important functions of a communication agency.

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