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What is an internet domain and how it affects my web page?

What is an internet domain and how it affects my web page?

If you are new to the world of web hosting services you may have trouble learning all the concepts and definitions that are usually used to create a web page. And one of the new concepts is internet domain. What is this?  An internet domain, in general terms is an alphanumeric name that is usually linked to an internet web page address, usually connected to a computer or electronic device.

Since Internet is based on IP addresses (Internet Protocol), which are a series of numbers that each computer connected to the internet has, we use internet domains to get easier and faster to the web page we are trying to connect to. This domain names are located in the Domain Name System (DNS) and we are required to buy them in order to have our own functional webpage.

The main purpose of domain names on the Internet and the domain name system (DNS), is to translate the IP addresses of each active node in the network, to a memorizable and easy-to-find term. This makes possible for any network service to move from one web page location to another on the Internet, even when the change implies that it will have a different IP address.

Without the help of the domain name system, Internet users would have to access each web service using the node’s IP address (for example, it would be necessary to use http://123.24.124 instead of http: // example. com). In addition, it would reduce the number of possible websites, since currently it is usual for the same IP address to be shared by several domains.

How does a domain work?

We can use a simple example to explain the operation of a domain web page. Suppose the IP address of your web page is (123.345.456.567) but this connection number is very complex and long to give it to your clients, so you have the option to request the name of your company and link it to the IP address of your web server where your web page is stored.  With this, your clients only have to write in their browser Automatically the domain forwards them to your IP and this connects them to your web server that responds by sending them your website, all these jumps are done in tenths of a second so it goes unnoticed.

You can also visualize this with another example.  Usually, when we want to make a call with our cell phone, we no longer write the numbers of our friends, we only select the names of the phonebook. So if we want to call Joanna, we just select her name and click on call. A web domain works the same, and that is why is important to have one.

A domain is composed mainly of two parts: the name of the organization and the type of organization. The most common types of organization are .COM, .NET and .ORG, which refer to commercial, network and organizations.



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