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What is and what is not a Community Manager: Functions and responsibilities of the Community manager

What is and what is not a Community Manager: Functions and responsibilities of the Community manager

If you are looking to create a Web page, it’s important that you have a good Community Manager as part of your team. As social networks become more important in Digital Marketing strategies in organizations, the role of Community Manager becomes a strategic position in the same. So even if you have an amazing web page run by a very efficient team of developers, a community manager should be always by your side helping you reaching a great audience.

The Community Manager is the responsible within the companies to manage social networks and communities that gather around these.

The Community Manager is the person responsible for creating, managing, growing and fidelizing the audiences in the different social networks in which a company or brand makes presence (created by them or by third parties). According to this definition the Community Manager will be responsible for both strategic actions and tactics.

As for the professional profile of the Community Manager, is important to have developed the competencies of assertive communication, customer service and relationship. Regarding the academic training, there are many Community Multi-profession managers, however communicators and journalists have advantages for their training.

It is very important that the Community Manager knows the style and tone of communication appropriate for each social network.

What are the functions of a Community Manager?

The main functions of a Community Manager are:

  • Design the social networking strategy. The Community Manager must design a social networking strategy that involves activities such as objective determination, definition of audiences, definition of social networks channels to participate, content to be shared by each channel, etc.
  • Define goals and growth strategies. The Community Manager must define each channel’s growth goals and growth strategies.
  • Management to reputation in social networks. The Community Manager must make management to the reputation in social networks of the company or brand that represents, with activities like: monitoring of the reputation, creation of the protocol of crisis reputational, construction of answers in cases of crisis, etc.
  • Design the conversational plan. The Community Manager must create an annual social media communication program that responds to the needs of the company and the audience.
  • Create content for social networks The Community Manager must have the ability to create the value-added content for each audience and for each social network.
  • Generate conversation. The Community Manager must generate conversation with his audience, causing participation in the different channels of social networks.
  • Get relationship. With a close tone and value-added information, the Community Manager must win the heart of his audience.

If you have the time, energy and experience, you could be your own community manager once your business is beginning. As your business and income grows, it will be better to contact an expert in the field to really make an impact in your business, remember social media has become a very -if not the most- important communication channel between you and your customer.


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