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Why are press releases important

Why are press releases important

Being a start-up or a long-haul company it is always good to take into account the press releases, starting with the permanence in the media and thus achieve a constant focus of attention, attracting new consumers and keeping our customers informed. more faithful.

Although the press releases seem to be somewhat outdated and out of the current and modern context, it is really very effective, although some experts say that its usefulness is no longer the same due to the social media and the busy daily life that is lived full of overwhelming information. But certainly the worst press release is one that is never published.

The main task of our press release should always be to manifest and communicate relevant, important information that is worth disclosing. Our press releases must also have a certain degree of visual impact, this by means of short but decisive titles, nothing long and tedious and above all avoid technicalities unless the press release is addressed to a possible client who knows about the theme.

Directly we can add in the press releases some multimedia and audiovisual contents, everything necessary to capture the attention of the spectator. Add content outside the text should be only to facilitate the receiver to understand the subject and to understand all the important points to inform.

We must avoid making value judgments and exaggerating about the virtues of the company because the value judgments and the capture of virtues with respect to the company is something that only the readers of the press release can exercise. A press release should always go from what is substantially important to what is less important, offering facts and facts true and testable.

As entrepreneurs, the most important thing is to know how to prepare a press release as methodically as possible, always paying special attention to the details and following any good recommendation that can be obtained to make a good communication and use of this means of communication.

The fundamental parts of a press release or press release are

  • Headline. Which is used to draw the attention of the reader, must be short and express in a few words the intention of this statement.
  • Place and date of edition. It locates us physically and temporarily on the news that we are going to transmit.
  • Subtitle. Briefly describe the news.
  • Multimedia material. Although popular belief goes back to believing that press releases are only composed of text, in fact modern media make us catch the attention of the receiver with other tools.
  • Body. All the textual information and data are expressed in this part, thus giving with precision the last clarifications that up to this point have not been made, usually this part is only raised in the most technical data, if there are any.
  • Contact information. This is where the company identifies itself to those new receivers or any new customers that are added to our radar. This part involves contact information such as telephones, complaints and suggestions, contact and orders.

The press release should not be a tool that is taken lightly as an entrepreneur or as an established company since it represents a lot about the professionalism that an entity has in the market, it is a way of expressing how important the client is for us as a company.

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