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Why are so important the mass media?

Why are so important the mass media?

The media has become an important tool for people, being the epitome of current technology. The development of companies and of the daily life of the human being is constantly rooted in technology. For three decades we have seen children born in an increasingly technological world, with an increasing capacity to connect everything we know and distort words and deeds.

All the capabilities of the media are correlated with a political, economic and social interest. We can now know what happens to the other side of the world with a single click, does this represent potential threats? Or in some way it only takes us away from the problems that concern us, which in this case would be the locals.

Are we born in the era of misinformation?

Not necessarily “disinformation”, but certainly something happens with all the data that currently exists in the world, not all are public and not all are useful for each individual. The television, radio and newspapers serve the highest bidder, not only the one who adds more money to their pockets, but also those who provide them with shocking news but lacking in content, those news that we recognize as pretentious.

What is the point of misinforming people?

Control. In the moment in which any person decides to show what they think to a group of people, that person is presenting a power of persuasion towards some, the senders send a message that may not be received in the way they expect. In the morning the news shows the current situation of the country, there is a section of sports, one of shows and definitely there is the section of political analysis “, this to make known the opinion of the most popular commentators that, may or not, be Knowledgeable in political analysis Is it then the responsibility of the media to form the criteria of the people who tune or consume them? Maybe not, in reality the only responsibility they have towards the consumer is about the content and the quality they offer.

It is not a mystery because the media is a constant political opinion. All print media, television, Internet users talking about how to dress, how to talk, who to vote for, how to vote, what to do with our money. Suggesting not an idea or a set of products, suggesting that as consumers we do not know what to do with our possessions. As consumers it is our responsibility to have a criterion and relate the opinions and offers that the media makes us, because the media have an increasingly closer relationship with our privacy, or should be said with the lack of it.

The main importance of the media is to inform people about the government. The media are an intermediary between the people and their government, those people who make decisions from the highest positions of power and whose criteria determine the future of a state. It is the media that maintain a healthy relationship of governance in a state.



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