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Why you should invest on social media?

Why you should invest on social media?

It`s clear that the social media business has come to stay and all the users of the different platforms spend more than a third of their time connected to the social media alone. And, for the moment, this won`t change in the future. We have to remember that 10 years ago the social media was something very unusual for everyone, but today the social media holds mora than 2,5 billion users around the world, and a total revenue of 32 billion USD annually. There is no doubt that the social media has travelled a far road to get where it is nowadays, and we cannot not think of it as a temporary trend.

It`s nearly inevitable that your clients don’t use any of the social media platforms, this fact is utilized by many of the business as a reason to increase their social media presence, and the business that don’t bother in investing on social media are losing a big opportunity.

On this article we are going to mention four good reasons for investing on social media in your business, why you should do it and what can be the consequences of not doing it.

  1. Communicating to your public/clients: creating ads for social media you can begin to notice that you have the possibility to separate all your followers demographically and gather a lot of data from that. You can find their age, location, sex, occupation, and a lot more of information depending on how far you want to get. Thanks, of that you will now have the opportunity to address to your followers according to their interests and demographic information.
  2. Promoting your content: If you want the marketing to be a big part of your business promotion strategy you will have no choice but to dedicate in promoting your business in all the places possible, including of course, and mainly, the social media. And if you think about it, the most effective way to promote your business can be the social media if it´s used right.
  3. Get to know the market: Listening to your social media followers not only can give you information about your brand, but also can give a lot of information about your competitors, the target public and the way the market is flowing in real time.
  4. Enhance the client service: The social media is a perfect platform for attending your clients directly and instantly in a first level of attention. Thanks to the features of the social media you can give a rapid answer to a lot of clients directly, or indirectly, and in an easy and comfortable way for them. You can answer either a claim or a question, and in the same time project a positive image to all your clients. This by itself can change the opinion of a lot of potential clients and even be the difference between getting a sale or a losing a client in your business.



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